Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wrong Day - Lots of Books - And Nemo

I'm passed it, but still in Limbo. In Purgatory? I still don't sleep very well and I'll wake up and think I'm scared of the dark. I'm not scared of the dark, but I wake up believing that I am. Weird, no? I'm more afraid of this house in the morning; in the early hours, like 5am. I get paranoid and I heard a guitar fall against the wall and I jumped, I saw a pile of clothes on a chair and I jumped even higher.

I get up at 5am for work, but I've had some days off. I thought I was going back in today since I remember telling them I'll have 11th - 16th, but they'd given me the whole week, so I'm off 'til monday. Doesn't really account for getting up so early and travelling 30min train journey in zero degrees. But they said I could work that day if I wanted, but I said nevermind, I'll go home. And I did. Off 'til monday.

In uni today and they'll workshop my Death of a Clown story. I'm annoyed at some people, esp. people who don't reply when I'm trying to visit them. It's less my fault for not visiting after so long when I don't get replies.

I must remember to teach myself French and German. And some Norwegian. I only know what I write as translations in poems.

My room is filled with so many books. It's funny coz I never read at all in school. I have a Hemingway on top of a Pinter on top of poems on top of an anthology on top of papers on top of my printer. There is a pencil in the anthology, I think it's either bookmarking Lewis Caroll or Dylan Thomas. Next to that is a small pile of old videoes, mostly old Disney movies, I watched Sword in the Stone yesterday or the day before. There is a tall speaker, which I hardly use because I have music on my laptop, and I can't be bothered plugging it in, but on top is my work clothes. Under the clothes I think are 3 dvd's: Drag me to Hell, Silence of the Lambs, and Finding Nemo.

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