Thursday, 11 February 2010

ghost madness

Ghost what am I a ghost am I am I a ghost have a ghost time 13:23 sits cross-legged temperature 4 degrees windows open cold as a ghost with no clothes on naked ghost who writes to ghosts with sick guttural voice and Poseidon mouth moves earth with quick shakes then stops as if earth-shakes never took place beneath him a man without arms woman without a head or that with skin so thick and intaglio-cut with chisel like Greek statue that screams with her bathing in bleach to clean herself in ocean all of mad sorts of madness that cannot sit still and still cannot talk and still cannot talk with a mouth like a ghost who has mouth sown up and pressed fingers against and murders itself and stares and stares and then calling the doctor asks for some pills and doctor says no cannot have them and so Poseidon moves on to alcohol poisoning to get what Poseidon wants and this happens ever so slowly and no one notices but the madness which looks like boredom and distraction the madness looks like boredom like boredom on the skin pulls no bearings that can see the boredom that kills the distraction and vice versa and burns in a horrible clammy atmosphere of hands that sweat over mouths covering up horse-like teeth that eehore and moan and kick backwards against toilet doors and fuck the women who stalk man mannen stalks annen mann and man kills man to get to woman and woman kills woman to kill man and so on and so on and so on and on and on on on and then killing all mersion of misery the car ride back home destroys instinct of life from eyes that are rotten with sleeps staggers home down dark alley avoiding piss-smells and murderers and passes a tree from childhood old tree from years ago stands next to construction site and down the road moaning and growling like a raving lunatic to self says like like shit shit shit that modern life broken soul and even moving house cannot fix and doubts travelling between countries and doubts anything and the doctor says no and inside house makes tea and midnight and cannot sleep and falls to sleep like baby and wakes up every half an hour to think in mad state as room melts burns colours like burnt painting and sees rabbits snarling and eyeless girls sneak up behind him lying in bed he cannot sleep he is haunted and mannen stalk annen mann and kills self to get to sleep and wakes up after half an hour and only half an hour has passed after madness lying in bed and dead relatives such as dad walks thru door and stands there staring at me...

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