Sunday, 28 February 2010

Tourtre and Fright

The Old French for Passenger Pidgeon was Tourtre. I find this interesting because the bird is now extinct. North America also had a word sounding similar, Tourte. Weird the the English word torture sounds similar, given to this exstinct bird.

The last Passenger Pigeon was called 'Martha.' Poor girl.

I did my talk on Beckett and it went well, I think, although I came very close to stage-fright. I get stage fright, and this was talking to a small group of people, my friends, and I was so nervous I felt like running out. But I did it, and my mouth was so dry you could hear it. I think everyone is fed up with me talking about Beckett now.

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Luis Blasini said...

Indeed - I published my first book of poetry yesterday. Last Saturday did my first public reading at a local coffee house - it was open mike night for poets. I had the holy guacamole scared outta me, too. So, I'm feelin' ya.