Thursday, 18 February 2010

Between the Buttons - between Bob Dylan - and Beckett

How do I show this album is better than Bob Dylan? I can't. But out of all the music I listen to, and I listen to a lot of music, it's the only album I like above Dylan. I'm a huge Dylan fan, I like Bringing it all Back Home, blonde on Blonde, John Wesley Harding, The Times They are A Changin', and Bob Dylan LP. But I have to talk about something for a presentation in uni next wed, and I want to talk about music and it's effect upon my writing, but I can't stick to one thing with Dylan. So I thought I'd choose the only album that I'd consider calling my favourite album. And that's Between the Buttons by the Rolling Stones.

I can't talk in front of people. I hate it. I'm just not a speaker. I have to do it, tho, as compulsary for my course. I'm not looking forward to it.

My short story, Death of a Clown, was destroyed. Criticised to death. I hated it. I actually had high hopes for it, more than the last one I submitted. Seems that whenever I write something that I like, it's not good enough. I'm not going to write shit just so that it's accepted.

But I know how to fix it. I've been reading Beckett and Pinter like I was supposed to. I don't think I'll re-write it as a play, but there'll be more focus to it. I remember my tutor in my last University told me my main problem was lack of focus, and I think I let myself down by reverting back into that lack of focus again. Don't know why I did that.

If you read Beckett:
Eh Joe


Cole said...

Re: Death of A Clown,
I still liked it, raw emotion is hard to understand, sometimes it doesn't conform to the "norms" of proper writing. It jumps around and changes with the ebb and flow of you and/or your character's feelings, but in a University setting, you've got to play and write by the rules. Don't be too hard on yourself, and good luck with your upcoming project.

Josephine said...

Just write for fun. Success is great but in the end what counts is how you feel about it. Keep doing your own thing, you'll break through eventually. Plenty of people doing it their way. Frank Sinatra did.