Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Last Day Girl # 1 & 2

Last Day Gil # 1 (First Draft)

Wind sways Earth,
Hail falls to ground.
Scaffolding netting flags
The Earth set sail.
Mysterious winds push planet forward,
Harsh grey sky vanishes Heaven;
Drainpipes point upwards
The suicidal looks down,
A man amongst gods
The movement is electric
And full of very discreet yearnings.

Last Day Girl # 2 (second draft)

Wind sways Earth hail
Falls to ground scaffolding
Netting flags the Earth
Sets sail mysterious winds
Push planet grey
Sky vanishes;
Drainpipes point upwards
Suicidal looks down a man
Amongst gods the movement is electric
And of cautious craving,
I felt waves of fear
And power sensation of warmth
Looked like sun on mountain:
End of world is this really
Hell? The love of my life,
This dog can’t believe a word
You say you are machinery
Made of sparking nuclear eyes.

I haven't written much because I've been in training. I've written some songs just to see if I could put music to them, wasn't a complete failure, but I didn't care for them. This poem here I wrote in about 10 minutes and drafted in about the same time. It came from watching the wind blowing outside; it stupidly ended up about a girl.


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