Thursday, 21 May 2009


I work in a library. I have no connections to anyone and I avoid everyone except one man I befriend. I use this man to talk to others for me. We become close-friends.
When a young man and woman arrive there, it annoys me because I hate new people even more than the people around me. I go out of my way to avoid them, so much that they don’t even see me around. I use my friend to talk to them. When the woman comes round a corner in the library and bumps into me, she stops, completely frozen and looks amazed or shocked, then hugs me.
Not knowing why she did that, I step back. The man comes over and looks at me. Suddenly they both look older. The man staring at me leans towards me and touches my stomach and it hurts so much that I scream a little and I have to push his hand away. There is a hole in my stomach.
They call me their son, talking to me like I am a child. It turns out that I had been dead for some time, and they were my parents. I had been stabbed in the past.

**This was an actual dream from 2 nights ago. I actually felt something like pain when the 'father' touched my stomach. The father also looked like Robin Williams when he changed to look older.

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Adalia said...

Wow...freaky. But very poetic, in a sense.