Tuesday, 19 May 2009

2 Discarded Untitled Poems

This dog can’t believe a word you say –
At last desert calls to me cannibal
Music eats itself –
Squares of grass deploy machinery
Into air, they hear everything –
This dog feels waves of fear and power
(It looked like the sun),
This old dog has green eyes
And already has the evil eye –
Mysterious blood with history
And war and peace with no one to listen –
And I am a dog that sits
On Bermuda shores with sand in paws
And Mata Hari outside the gates of Eden;
The chill in the skin of my ear,
The air is a woman
Beside an old dog,
She weeps rose-water in the stars –
The dog sends her to war,
And there are no words to question
And the dog carefully nods
And this dog watches you on your way.

Mozart and Beethoven
Laughing in the Eiffel Tower
They’re planting seeds in the headdress,
Reaping words the brains might flower,

Now the rusty actors in a cage
Praying for rainstorms and pain,
They’re inside the screens wearing their roses
Killing off all kinds of people in togas,

The slaves are hungry now, the prisons are empty
And oxygen-fat Henry riding the rodeo,
Inside the tin shed the beds are
Lying in a row,

I pocket all the watches
And lean against Pisa,
See the cavalry crying
And now the glosol is dying,

See the fat pumpkins
Lying on their sides,
Eating all kinds of fish,
They put coins into a dish and makes a wish.

**Don't think either have been edited, they appear as I wrote them down. I might have moved some lines in the first one for line breaks. First one might turn into something a little bigger, or mix it with something else.
#2 is just an experiment with rhythm. It is a lyric, but I wrote no music for it because I didn't want to.

These are pretty much an example of what I'd discard, simply because I don't like them and have no plans to touch them again.

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