Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bob Dylan in Concert - and In Training

Saw Bob Dylan on friday and he was amazing. The way he sings now, it's hard to tell what the song was until you recognise a line and you're like "Oh yeah, that.." He did 'Something' by The Beatles, a tribute to the city, which was great, and everyone cheered when we heard the tune. Halfway through some idiot jumped onto the stage and was tacked by security before he interupted Bob, who didn't even falter. It was annoying that people were walking around, going to the bar or the toilet, having to stand up to let them past, as if they weren't bothered about Dylan at all. I heard someone shout "Play something we know" (also, someone told me that someone on the radio said there was booing, but I didn't hear boing).
Thebest part was the final song. After years of not touching his early songs, he does 'Blowin' in the Wind' and it was amazing. I couldn't tell what it was at first because he'd changed the song's rhythm completely, but it was so good to hear him sing that classic.

Afterwards we went drinking in my favorite bar. I snuck downstairs to see a band playing. I came back up to get my friends and we snuck back down. I got home around 2am. I got up for work at 5am. You can imagine how tired I was.

So now I'm in training for this bike ride across the desert. I've raised a couple of hundred so far. But need more to reach the target. I'm so un-fit right now, I ache after a game of football and 10 sit-ups. 4 months to get ready, though.

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