Friday, 22 May 2009

Automatic Writing While Listening To Manic Street Preachers

I could have been a million and one times the best before you as I can breathe revulsion as tragic shaking kids collapse making a killing, and me a delightful uncle in the stars were I can’t be blessed and more than often to see one more time I wouldn’t ask anymore, and I’d do it all another million and one times and smile and smile while the world grew up and grew down and locked itself away behind barbed wire with the freaks with no souls in the empty hole in the middle shining bright like suns then disappear like a nova and fading like old drunk memory and you weren’t here for me and you weren’t here for them – don’t! You run along, you’re nothing you’re a rat and I could step on you, Look at me – it kills me to see you like this and stand up as you are and collapse to the ground and I miss the old times when we’d have feet to stand on, just as well she can’t see me – I shine I glow – I don’t believe in God because I’m just as ignorant – I am a human animal – I need to see a human, this freak has no human here, finish –

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