Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Undreaming Insect

In the walls there we hear screams of:
"Take me there. Take me there."
The bound of our emotions resolves
An anti-human drunk or sober

Love poem diverges in its opening credits,
The over-cautious worrying over our missus
Pushing away everybody got close
To even appreciate you - "Take me there. Take me there."
Her voice sounds like a time machine

A bogus rogue in a world of explosive energies
Do we ask the brown ash
Do yourselves a favour:
Old recipts reflect your yesterdays:
Sprays moisturisers blades
Canals the walls
Oasis Dylan Shultz and some recorded
Delivery off Lorne Road in Liverpool, England
A first class package dated and dies,
Dropped in smoke - "Take me there."

Truely the C captains itself overboard;
6 times stronger than heroin,
An ounce by the water
My Heroine delivers only me,
Its echo return dressed only in human skin,
The rest shimmers to fingertips
And works all day
And works all night so that the fading light
Never truely fades ...

"Take me there"
Make no mistake old microwaveable future
Already 8% of this century,
And not the least gonna to see the end of it;

Repeat take me away
- "Take me there" -
Christ, do you realise where you are right now?
A chemical bring-down already
Sexton Rimbaud
All my pretty ones;
All my ugly ones;

Come together like a great foundation
Of sinister sly memories.

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Sarah said...

What wonderful talent you have. Don't ever let it fade.