Wednesday, 3 December 2008

NorthWestern Destructive (Or Drift)

What does the buzz of me signify?
You see me here, I am brought to you to destroy
Everything that you see - the fighter in the sand
Great expectation of the world in my hand;
It is mersion of mercy - I beg your pardon?
The devil walks in my garden.

What brings together the bud of your existence?
An unending dog at every great white guru fleet;
It is only in your heaven your haze of not one woman
Who bore our excess of nostalgia of the doorman -
It is a distinct Ki, Swahili, in another dimension;
I fell down in the desert where I will mention

My mind swelling like a balloon blown up by a trumpet,
And seeing above sand dunes and lying down to the landscape;
I am brought here to destroy you.
I am in the 1940's off-camera/settling the authentic aroma of being
On camera. And this is you: begging to the preacher
Such a strange and desperate creature.

Downstairs I hinder all well being of a recylable universe -
Non-recyclable Earth makes it's awful boom
And we make our awful booms riding the highway
Back into the snaking desert; an ancient child.
Your great phony process of lasers moves me,
You are great beyond NorthWestern stars above me

However, I read my newspaper back in Tuesday white morning
And man is not like woman, where life may never end
In pools of clear bright and marble-like creatures similar to frogs,
And our depressed relatives look like dogs
And the lust to destroy you is like giving you the world,
Have it all curled around your finger,

Then a great partition of days separate like oil in rainwater
Puddles in roadside gutter on way to school -
Great Atlantis vantage point from insipid cup of tea - sweet weak
Just like you or me a creature of the meek;
I am quite self-righteous, preaching to the devil
All that I have discovered this side of the sea-level.

This weak white morning froze ignorance in its grave;
Can't make me bide time worried in the middle,
Poor destruction already done suicidal version of creation,
I don't care about economy or astronomy or the death of a nation;
I just wanna know what brings you to me in your warning adept motion,
My brain is in a shoebox - I throw my heart in the ocean.

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