Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hypertext Production

Again the process of handwritten exercises
Fill the skin with the permanent non-rush
Of premium fading lights;
Those lights fill the skin
With investigation and thrill and forethought
It is beyond my hand
And prism waterloo plain -
The grass itself exists by sight alone.

Again the process of killing
Universe karma love missy,
I hear your prissy little flavourings
Of talk you
Walk a slow drogue
And assembly of writers
Uttering 'LIFE'
And weeping the resolved time shift
And foreward in time excuse the clear
Shimmer of the fallen; excuse me my sweet
False blood; but not yourself your
Sexy clone wavers another ego.

Again the glass lights personalities
And what we cannot believe is after work;
Really we rarely cut into the arm of attention,
This tint of green vile plumage fills the waters,
Unclear grass ages the wrinkles
Swap beds and kiss gratuitously
Your God is buried with his or her
Laughter in his or her grave.

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