Sunday, 21 December 2008

Brothers, Photos, and Paintings

Still haven't written anything, not even in my handwritten journal (hate that thing anyway), but I'll do some tomorrow.

Been having family trouble, which isn't good, especially a couple of days before christmas. My older brother sorted it out, but I think we (the brothers) are trying to be who our dad wasn't. I don't know what that means, my older brother is already a dad and a great one at that. I think we'd try to out-do each other with whatever we cn do; but me, I'd go out my way to out-do them for no reason. Doesn't say much about myself, really.

Been admiring the comments from my photos, which is cool. I'm planning on getting a proper camera, but I can't afford one so I'll just use my phone for now. Funny thing is, I might do some painting instead. I can't paint but I like it, plus I got one canvas board left. No work tomorrow, so I got time to do it.

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Adalia said...

It'll get better with your brothers. My uncles went through the same thing, but now it's all good...

Wow, you've been taking your pictures on your phone?! They're REALLY good! I can't wait to see what more you'll do once you get a proper camera.

Go for the paintings! I have a feeling you'll be great at it!