Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Confrontation at the Pasty Counter

As I sit listening to The Doors, I'm squashing my foot sitting cross-legged. - problem fixed.

In work today I was talking to my mate as we put stuff on the shelves. He's into stand-up comedy, and it's interesting to hear about his gigs. I haven't seen him at a gig yet. But the conversation drifted and ended and went quiet. Then I smelt some food from the small cafe next to us in the shop. I say to him: "Those pasties smell nice." And he says to me: "Yeah, they do." And then I just generally smile, and that was that. Simple enough.
But damn it when I decide to smile again, thinking about the food, because the guy behind the counter of the cafe kept staring at me, and I noticed this every time I looked over. Now I wasn't looking at the food, but at him. Then, I hear him say something to my mate and I thought they're where just having a quick chat, you know? But no. I hear the word "dickhead," (from the cafe guy) and I say to my mate, "What did he just say to you?" You know sticking up for him.
The guy thought we were laughing at him and we're now having an argument with him. I stick up for myself, you see, acting hard on purpose. And he tells his boss and I tell mine (not manager, but a team leader) and she's saying stuff like, what a silly bugger or something. But we don't tell the boss, who walks over just then. We just don't.
We end up joking about it, laughing. We tell the others. One is quite buff, does karate. He goes over to the cafe but doesn't see the guy. I was angry, not fuming, I'd fight him if I had to. I stick up for my friends. But as we laugh, I'm seeing that this is going to be part of his act; the angry guy selling pasties and fruitcake.

One more thing: found out I have ADD. Makes sense for some things about myself.

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