Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Holes in the House

How cold is the house when there's no windows? So bloody cold! We had new windows done and so it was like living in a giant block of Swiss cheese ('cause of the holes). Well it all got done yesterday - and a new front door - and now the kitchen's getting a 'makeover' and it looks like a construction site, which is all I saw of the city 2 months ago. I'm living off Cup-a-Soup's and coffee.

I'm off work for about a week and a half starting friday, and Halloween is next week. I was going to go on a tour of haunted places but that was booked up, so we'll prob go get drunk round town. On the 2nd Nov I'm going to a Frank Turner gig. (He's an acoustic musician, look him up). But it's just time to get away from work; the early starts are driving me mad.

I haven't written anything in a while. I just haven't had the energy. I'm falling behind. I don't even read that much anymore. I've started and not finished 3 books because I got bored of them. I have a low attention span, you see. I'm far too easily distracted.

My dad died on Sunday. In his house. Prob drank himself to death. Don't know when the funeral is, but I'll be carrying the coffin. What's that? A Pallbearer? I'll be one of them.

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