Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Music Envy

I have musical genius envy
Like Mozart and Beethoven fighting
On and on and on
Violin – Do Do de Do
And on and on and on...

Private and confidential:
030 supply chain shop:

Cumulative figures;
£304 plus overtime.

The seagull flies in white morning.

Three days since last drunk,
Can’t remember where I’ve been,
See the white walls turning green,
– Note: See Dan about flat.

Piles of paper on the floor poems books socks dirt
Stale food a tower of Coke cans on the bookshelf
A mountain of nightmares
A pack of chewies, an M shaped keyring, books upon books,
The Journal of Kurt Cobain and The Brooklyn Follies,
A bad bad feeling that all these train tickets
Lead no where,

Or where these books appeared some music
About fifty stolen beer mats,

– Two Chinese men stuck in time
Playing checkers;

Over the hill is night,
Over the hill I can’t see what the days will look like.

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