Saturday, 18 October 2008

Notes in a List

1. Staring into space is tiresome...

2. Laugh 'till you cry. Hahahahahaha!

3. Saturday the weirdos come out. Sunday seems kind of illegal.

4. Read plays as well as novels.

5. Memorise jokes. Especially other people's jokes.

6. Smoke in Winter. All the cool kids do it.

7. Give your alter ego a name. Mines Mikey. I knew a friend whose was Pedro.

8. Play around with music.

9. Don't buy shit.

10. Steal edible things.

11. If you (or have been) in a place where you can't see for the smoke, you're in the right place.

12. Smell drugs before you take them.

13. Act like the person you look up to.

14. If you haven't a person to look up to, then get one.

15. Learn to speed read.

16. Tell lies. It's like reading a story.

17. Make up back stories for people you see in the street.

18. If you wake up drunk somewhere with green hair and eye liner, lie back down.

19. All the spirituality you may need from yoga is to sit cross-legged.

20. By all means, break all rules.

1 comment:

Adalia said...

20. By all means, break all rules.

That is epic. Probably the one I follow the most as well! ^_^