Wednesday, 15 October 2008

An Examination of Earth

Us thousands have been used to
Abandoning the ascent chalices
They were scaling no many years
Terfalls on the island aren’t usually a subject for pan
And where I snapped discussion in the pub,
Women are generally much.
Some waiters migrs told her as a monkey
But vital safety feature
Yat-chan serves crashed in Iraq,
The traditional sacked yesterday
Fuku-chan hands tended to put explo –
Instead of tipping in 2003.
Bluster when the subject of the primate barmen
Located and stimulated bar north of Tokyo,
100m (300ft.) lorious sunshine
The ice snapped and could not save
And then the cord its load of ice at (14in) of rain
And who has 12 this Summer?
To the right lining of the horizon
Early Autumn continued up before some of the past
And escaping to small weather.
Children are top RAF commanders,
About their parents cules aircraft needed
But acted only –
One in five young men dies when a plan
Their parents have, fresh evidence confirm the past,
Children think their sive suppressant foam
Ther parents are still taking tanks in 2002.
Fought along narcotics seemed in battles over 200
Thirds of parents tremendous and his bout the effect
Restores the honour and children, the survey soldiers
Whose faith drugs and alcohol
Majestey’s armed forces showed.
To Emperor Akhito, who lives love honey is now selling one,
The moat is separated from the generation
The world isn’t surprised;
Poor summer generation of the stream of fast winds
Only one in ten which blocked war
Lebrities taking Southern Europe ‘cool.’
The first half at Sept addicted months rain 8.2cm.
Frozen on camera the most vulnerable
Narrowly escaped potential solution.
Battle the air which is just
Settle in Britain. The way we like it.
British troops focusing on our Winter.
Dead Ghurka brought away we’re starting
In the wings with an event that is
To reduce risk is guaranteed to be super.
Tactical analysis cool, super early:
Farm and a model taken drugs
A cow in ten of those
A hot knife is young people
Spend up to a month work
63 year drugs more complex designs
Fairly easy say today’s par-temperature controlled studio.
Must maintain a face uninvited inside the grounds
This butter artist deserves a date with the Lord High Executioner.
The Imperial Palace smaller in Tokyo,
Visitors to an artist failed to demonstrate,
Studio could forgive country.
I can’t believe it is wounded Falklands,
Before 1997 night out on Saturday night
Strong ties instantly while her friend dies later.
A jealous woman tried to kill a British artist,
While crossing herself by drinking acid at a wedding
Moving to New York slashed her wrists
Hit by two taxies three months after.
Crowd of onlookers high over Britain
The season was blamed on a jet
An ironic weather from the warm week
A policeman who saw cow riding a motorbike
And a girl lying in bed
Cool enough, but it was unlikely.

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