Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pass the Time

Tell me now tell me now
How long am I going to stand your evil ways?
Tell me now (9:31):
Babes built out of blocks,
And the village just for you.

Tell me now
Except at night on the real town
We make ourselves come true:
Tell me now we can
Try we wait
And complain;
And if only we made the move
Before the darkness folded.
If only, tell me now,

That freedom’s just a word,
You know, and
To stay healthy you eat nothing, don’t you?

Let’s see if we can attract some hatred.
You know we never win at this,
Just make the poems come true.

And the village just for you
Like a stony lover for you,
If only,

Tell me now,
I saw this fly on the wall
And it don’t move an inch,
It was asleep:

Take this season from me,
I can make ourselves come true.
Tell me how long I can stand:

(Cooling mood
Transfers me out of here;
Dogs dogs dogs;
3-string pick-up stand evil ways)

I can make your lights
Blaze – the sign I am coming:-
The weather.

The cool sure outspoken wind
ing at the past and
And the now

And finally death has stopped.

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