Thursday, 14 August 2008


Living for warm layered bodies
Seeing friends disappear,
Reappear, death and love,
Becoming themselves slow & bashful taste,
Becoming mindless & musicians searching for a future,
Mindful washcloth;
Showers scalding,
Blisters bathed and nursed in white
Plastic rooms
Unnatural foliage, unreal people,
Crawling and dragging
Our bodies over hollow grounds,
Waxy moping dump, showing ourselves
Hiding ourselves selling ourselves hinting
At nothing that exists between concrete scarcely speaking,
Books, pens, paper unlimited writing,
Fingers bandaged shoes soiled
On water-soaked floors
Glistening too much
Sweat washed with rain
The smell of half of my life
No money standing
Smoking calling the girls,
Frightened rabbits at every
Slammed door at dawn bearded sunlight
Does not even echo
Poetry to die for, to kill for,
To keel over without eating for hours on end,
Ribs showing muscles still there soft
Atrophied shrivelled tongues
Being put
In the most natural of places
In Hell with everyone else.

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