Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Everything is a shape, cone lampshade, the cylindrical arteries Earth the sphere
The moon shines like a torch mesmerised by little dots of dust hairs and flakes
Falling and settled to soft bone, the subtleties by the North are everything by
Nothing – Suspiciously eyeing the paradise, Blowing away the wind –
Forever the insect, the whisper fleeting whisper almost hum almost exhale,
A mind explodes and sees EVERYTHING, like this head has eyes behind eyes,
A baby sitting between my ears, on the leaf-shaped brain, Do you feel a little bit sick?
The moon shines like a torch and water in a glass held over a lamp
Trying to pass away (Not really succeeding in that all we cry is Hallelujah!)
As a person I wasn't really worth looking at, but as I play it was,
It goes like this the fourth and fifth, A revelation a miracle, a violin made easy,
Brick laying on your mind forward motion and foggy Chinese bicycles,
Palm mapped the grandiose, the avaricious, the move in you until holy,
Everyday sent back the words: We are humans the most evil of species,
Or the female more deadly – The ripple in the waters; the water ripples when I drink,
HOW MANY ROADS, the nouveau never reaches itself, the poets studying
And studying, The hand writing and writing and occasionally waxing on and off,
A steady white/brown atmosphere landscape-still hums invisibly like insects,
Bleached clouds, white-washed the walls the wallpaper music, the nail-polish
Smell of paint smudged over the windowsill and the city behind the tourism –
If you're lucky your food will make you dream, Yeah, dream of girl I can't dream
Enough of, Remember she said You're a clown and laughed,
A place filled with Laughter (said with an American accent),
Mesmerised by clock ticking I wouldn't sacrifice my life for anyone else's life,
Ma bohéme the rested, the bare feet, I am a horse on acid,
Je sais d'ancien et de nouveau, Without caring much for my friends,
Without for loving for one, for daring to live, Give me your drink my friend,
I'll drink it for you as a favour, your window-framed eyes could adore either
Me or the world, trust me that I wouldn't spit in your face nor hide
From bodies bare the cramps, hot/cold turns hungry unable to breathe,
I love none and the sonnet is dead – Shelved and old chains
Wrapped in a girls singing voice, forever talking to me between the ears,
The baby who listens remembers like elephants,
Hiding from her sight body wants another,
Not trapped but relaxed – Or not relaxed but replaced?
And here I am before you, not so sensible now after schooling, A frightful acidic
Bare foot nostalgic man knows too much of death; forever talking
Too good to be true, Dragonfly-styled too fast to sit down, The room
Smells like half your life – Do you feel a little bit sick?
Hair is greasy feels a bit heavy, tongue tastes of spit and sour milk,
Mind explodes and settles in wind, rain never ends like dreams –
Dreams never end; Dog in the bath, stupid mutt,
A life squirming like amphibious creatures, the NHS plans cost of life is £30,000
The mise en scene Leibovitz photee, Beckett lying in bed,
Life is to rest until we die, the moon shines like a torch – white/grey wind blows,
All these shapes, exploded with the mind, taken away by the dragonfly.

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