Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Experience Reincarnation

Sick dog sitting coughing, guitar struck glottal meaning,
Cut skin limp in foot no nasal breath
Wrist pain, drowsy,
By lamplight this place is dusty,
Coughing thru night: headaches
Wheezing shadows behind TV,
Must the dust beg you, says I?

Cloaked man, unblamed and free
Skinny xylophone chest the stomach
the Karma
Jimmy is in the courthouse
Riding his drink to Hell.

I come back to my
Voice kamikaze singer
Having experienced
The great laughter in the first semester.
Tissues banked up,
Lamp dims orange light slim feminine eyes
The yellow sun spikes
Cemented chest, the heavy –

The avenue's bright photogenic citric death
Just as fruity indoors – gratzi governo ....
Just as the lamp empties the room
This empties the world outdoors.
Too exhausted
to dream of the powerless
Marvellous windowless hops on wets rocks
By the lake with deep impressions

Now one world pining for life, the other pining
Yama running around
black clouds part blue sky storms
half-dead drenched experience
Becomes your meeting place.

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