Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Chained to things

Waking up late
Like bleu raincoats of blue jay

Blue striped jumper
On each torso
Streams of blue lines
Living writing
Working advice
Of spiritual impossible
Friend self-begotten
Slow voice stars the blue – the sad intellect
Icy showers and bruises,
Blau and always
Feet walking forever

We can all join hands
And hate life as one
And be blue, biru
A blue cat will neel with you

The love for lonely blue
Blue cheese in cold fridges
Bored blue eyes in need of love
Blue of little sexy birds, with their blue chests
Blue of clean magazine water
Blue of dirty plastic slides in hazy summers
Of wonderful static and bright dust
That makes you sneeze like communist lovers.

The blue chained to things
It changes us all.

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