Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Glass and playing fields in
Ancient civilisations
Glass civilisations a playing tree
With no ego, we go from one to the other

And so much heat

The hum gasp fan
Given off all kitchen drawl,
Small the evil sandwich rots to green dust,
Television viscious ripped out our guts –

Protruding hunger
Dry spit tongue numb flesh
Easy slick soft sweat
Pulls matted the dead moustache,

Who is not married at this point?
It doesn't matter,
The whole of Europe high on heat,
Coca Cola cans, hot melted chocolate sticky bodily fluids
Ray Charles singing Hit the Road Jack,
No more hot road beedy eyes sticky glass fingers touching
So damn hot;
Warm wind music thru blinds;
Not Hit Married hot,

Fat heart,
Girl thin sinned world's soul
Means less;
Earth's crash means less;
Hunger means less.

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