Sunday, 13 February 2011

Records, My Rare Vinyl LP's (White Album)

Probably the greatest album created in music, The Beatles (The White Album) is a great collection of 30 songs, which most have some sort of artistic presence that have a timeless quality and preserve the actual creativity of the band, being such that no one (or not many) could match their creativity in music. Even one of the lesser songs of the album, Piggies which is a kind of annoying old-fashioned baroque sound with a harpsichord is an intelligent social commentary on corporate greed. Not my favourite of George's songs.

My favourite might be Happiness is a Warm Gun. It has a three-song structure, which contains a kind of misery and fury and love. It explodes now and again by loud/quiet rhythms along with the beautiful songwriting on the lines of happiness, which is either a sexual symbolism or in the grip of suicide.

Someone in work once said to me that the best song he heard The Beatles do was Long Long Long, which I wasn't too familiar with at the time. It, too, has a quiet feel to it which then changes so suddenly into a burst of sound. It's a strong but gentle sound, reflecting how good George was, I mean almost every song he made was good, and he didn't have to team up to do it.

This album is one of my favourite, though I do like the other later one's (Let It Be, Revolver). And I suppose it gives to music more than most things have given, being that essential creativity that lack now, and it existed the most when they made this album. This one I've got, (No. 0125403) is rare and is a statement to what music was and must be. I know I read articles now saying Rock n Roll is dead. I don't know. Maybe it died when John Lennon died, maybe it just got wounded and suffocated by the corporate crap that surrounds us now. As long as these kinds of songs still exist, then music will be fine, because we don't have to listen to new stuff.

I'm around new unsigned bands a lot, and I see some with potential (some I lie just to get my name as a writer heard) and most of the time I don't see the same power. No Morrison, no Cobain, no, Dylan. If people decide to treat music as an art again and make it disregarding what money could be made, then the love for music should return along with Rock n Roll. And The Beatles, who just so happened to be one of the earliest rock n roll bands, may or may no have been the greatest band on earth, but the fact that they lasted and they were wanted and were/are listened to, shows that they were doing something right.

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