Thursday, 17 February 2011

Records, My Rare Vinyl LP's (Goats Head Soup)

I bought this LP from Hairy Records in Liverpool, which was given to me quite cheap with a Best Of The Rolling Stones record, when I was looking for Beggar's Banquet and couldn't find. From Goat's Head Soup, I'd only known Angie, and as I bought it the guy behind the till said 'That's a bloody good album,' and I believed him as I walked out, slightly disappointed that I didn't get what I was after. But when I listened to it, I agree, it is bloody good, and there are songs on that album that will have you listening over and over.

Angie is such a good song. Kind of sorrowful but still optimistic about love. The song's title name is based on Keith Richards' daughter, Dandelion Angela.

Another song is Dancing with Mr. D, the opening song, and one which has actually given me some ispiration with my novel's character named D. D. in the song is supposed to be the devil, ie, "dancing with the devil," and what I'd written was meant to represent either the devil, death, or a doctor.

Hide Your Love reminds me of The Beatles song Hide Your Love Away from Help!, and I love both songs, with The Stones' song being more of a bluesy song whereas The Beatles' song is more folk rock. With Jagger's voice sometimes incomprehensible singing "How do you hide your love."

The whole album is a gem out of the many, just coming out of the longest streak of amazingly successful albums in concession.

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