Saturday, 12 February 2011

Long Poem Ideas

I'm thinking of writing a long poem of the size of The Waste Land and Howl, by merging some poems I've already written, including my poems Transition and Modern Life, which would in effect kill those poems, but for the sake of one greater one. I don't know, it might work, it's pointless having those poems that I do nothing with, and I could always keep them separate anyway. One of the best things I learnt was not to cling onto the things I write. You should treat your writing as useless until artful. If they're are useless, it won't matter if you attempt to destroy them to form something different out of them.

Anyway I just wrote this:

Holy me and holy you,
The great Don, Donnie, Donald,
Rob, Robbo, Roberto, Oh Oh Oh!
And Oh, great, too, the Ja, Jimmy, Jay,
Beginning here and there where me,
Your only God, hysterical, of fucks –
Fuck fuck fuck!
And ask them, great minds in the sky:
'Why don't you fuck?'
And see them dead living singing
Songs thru beards and teeth of white suns
Burning burning inside outside glorious words
Where always always lonely alone
Running screaming crying, tears burning down
Soft fat cheeks let steam in the ocean
Of great mystical calm and soothe
The only mind on Earth saying fuck!

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