Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Automatic Writing (Without Looking at Page)

This was a piece of simple experimental writing that I wrote last night, which can be quite annoying because not only do you not see what you're writing, when you do look you can't even read it. It's mostly scribbles and you can sort of make out a couple of letters.
What I got from it was this:

People the way
a dog a
a go g rag
Rog g and dande
Reaper up MR.
OEPt yur -

Your word
ler quickly there
Milk + + ho
Christina is now
him and (on) doorstep
Me of home.

I changed it just before to this, something that vaguely makes sense:

People in the way
Of a dog
And go a rag
Rog and a dande
Reader go up Mr.
Adept yur -

Your word
Is quickly there
Milk and who
Christina is now
Him on doorstep
Me at home.

** I found out "Dande" is a town in Angola, a place I've never been to, but another spelling "Dandy" is a flamboyant man. "Rog" is Hindi for Malady or illness, which is interesting.
I kept the spelling of "Yur" like that because it goes on to use the spelling of "Your."
Christina is a frind of mine, I lived with her for about 3 or 4 months last year. I like the two sentences in the second stanza. They begin to sound like this:

Your word
Is quickly their
Milk, and
Christina is now
Him on a doorstep,
With me at home.

I don't know who "him" is supposed to be. Why would she be "him"? I'm thinking it probably means the guy she was with the whole time I knew her and I was jealous of him. Or maybe the "him" means me.


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