Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MA Writing - and Fascists

I got offered at place at John Moores University to do a Masters in Writing. After an hour long interview, and the guy criticising almost every word of my portfolio (which I'd written almost 2 years ago) he says he would like to offer me a place and I gladly accepted.
What got me down was all the stupid mistakes in my work (fiction) that I should have known about. And sentences cluttered with nonsensical metaphors that I used to use back then, which my old tutor got me to stop using. I've been re-writing my fiction portfolio so the wording is much more professional and readable. I'm keeping the stories becuase they were the best I'd written (which was the only reason I submitted them).
I won't submit them here. But I have shorter stories that I might post.

In other news, the elections have just finished here. Was for UK and European Parliment. I didn't vote. I usually don't because I always disagree with every political party. And the politicians make me sick with this recent expenses scandel, using taxpayers money for themselves.
The BNP won 2 seats in the European Parliment. They are the fascist nationalists that most of us are against. They talk about having a white country and kicking anyone with darker skin out the country, pretty much.
They didn't increase in votes. It was the decrease in non-voters and the percentage of Labour's huge loss that got it for them. So they should be gone by next year.
I saw a clip on Youtube (I don't have the clip) that has the leader of this party talking about white people being the founders of this country, while pictures roll past of black and Indian soldiers in WWII uniforms. My granddad was Indian and fought as a Ghurkah soldier on the front line in France, he ended up living here in the country he fought for. He married a woman from Liverpool (my nan). That makes me one quarter Indian, (and quarter Irish from my dad's side) which I am proud of. Now does this make me less British? No.
I saw a programme, I think it was on BBC one, and Robert Carlyle was in it. A politician rose in power after manipulating the public, after gaining success in the polls he took over as Chancellor. With this extra power, he let the public want him more and more until the Government gave in and let him become leader. That was Hilter and his Nazi party in Germany. No one wants this to happen again. Let's keep the fascists out of politics altogether.

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