Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Body of Graves (new version)

Move my hands move my feet
Like a puppet in the street,
Be an act of violence
Be alive or be greedy
And steal money and steal emotion
Where the mind gives up
Where simple war ends and begins again
And kills in the middle of some
Sexual process their dreamy
Faces stuck like that for eternity,
And what they leave here
Is their senseless anger
And no feeling in words -

And no one worth saving
Is worth a thousand saviours,
I think,

And covered in sweat
You move me like a puppet
With no emotion with no music -
Be an act of violence
Be an act of living -

The process of giving
The priceless ohm,
The Vajra Mantra
The old Buddhist Vajrasattva
The fat Buddistattva -

Be an old begin again;
Take my life take my choice
Steal my money steal my children
And pray for Earth pray for rain
Your senseless anger and girth
Your senseless pain feels like shame,
Shall no one be worth saved?
Where another simple war
Comes to an end
And concrete pours over soldiers
Like dead men and women beneath
Pompeii the colour of guns,
And kills and killing in the middle
Of this new land of war
Brothers of concrete fighting alongside
Body of graves,

This that we are in
We slide out and in -
We stab and sympathise,
It is OK for you to murder
You are born again you are
Not even human anymore -

Shall no one be worth saved?
Save the words for someone who cares -
The concrete has been poured and
The rock is catastrophically set hard as Earth;
The process of giving
The process of killing
The process of dying -

The senseless simple war ends
And the process begins again;
With no emotion and
With no music you tower over
Me like a God of guns
With breasts and everything and world's
Sexual process begins and I die
And you die and kill me and
kill me
and kill me

*The structure is supposed to be one long-running piece with indents to show line-breaks, but blogger is being weird and I can't fix the html, so I've just broke the lines so it looks like stanzas.

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