Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Unluckiest Weekend Ever - And The Best Bar Ever

Didn't see Frank Turner because he'd gotten sick in Nottingham and finished early, so I checked his blog to see what the score was. Only when we were in town I found out he wasn't coming. It was the only thing me and my mate Dan were looking forward to after the worst Halloween. We sat in Lloyd's kind of laughing at how this has been the worst weekend, especially after Dan said last week it was going to be the best ever. (I mean, my dad died, Liverpool lost, Frank Turner cancels.) We went to a friend's flat to get my jacket I'd left on friday and walked all the way back to see if the support bands were playing. They weren't. Town seemed completely empty. Well, it was completely empty - I mean at one point we were the only two people in the Office and you could hear our conversation wall to wall when the song changed. I felt bad leaving the barmaid on her own.

It was a choice of going home and sulking or finding somewhere to drink. It was about finding a place we hadn't been in before. And we found it. We saw some guys taking guitars and amps inside and we walked in too. Got some drinks, sat down. Was a strange looking place. But we liked it. There was a band playing downstairs so we went and saw them. Didn't know if we had to pay, but we'd already bought tickets for that night anyway.

We stayed there until about 2 or 3am. We decided we couldn't tell anyone about this bar, because when that happens, everyone finds out about it and it turns into a fucking night club and 'the place to be.' So I'm not even going to say what it's called on here. We keep saying things need to change, and we got some of that change. But what it is, I need my own place. I'm getting a flat next year when I'm back at uni. It's the only thing to stop us being bored with life - that and learn to play guitar quicker.

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