Friday, 21 November 2008

Hotel England

This house holds me in - Oh no;
Recluse is a social no-show
Cannot be driven by goddess living room
Coffee queen or set loose but
Reckless -
This house is a
Freedom house;
A house of freedom
A house of free-dumb - Wheel of Fortune
Extravaganza manic-street episodes;
Pre-disposed table, gully and lampshade,
House I am a brick wall,
House ten years old, 11 years, 12 ... 13 -
I mean it stops time,
The point is, house, it is
Going up going down house
Mutiny house;
Mad house on the inside terrace-
Disjointed/detatched - mug house;
Further down the road house;
Work house;
Economical downturn house;
Druggie/alky/loud house of demented
Madness on all fours, Oh abuse me house,
Use me house, November house;
November rain/Screaming house/Inside house/
This house with its glasses on reading this book by Coupland
With a haunting sensation of heade
Stockpiled up against seedy walls and his shuck
House replayed your living space - a room with you and your risky hands;
I know the right way house
No, I'm not a gemini
I'm that horse-man aren't I?
Your words are caught up in Hollywood
Soapy adolescent morale
Bi-polar dog is calling me
I don't know how I feel.
I don't hear a thing.

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