Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Roadhouse Blues and Jogging

Today in work I wrote some songs on some paper, while I was supposed to be listing items that needed replenishing. They were shit, really, and it's strange how hard it is to write while at work. I just can't think of any words; and I ended up with a tune in my head of some song I can't remember.... Oh, it was Roadhouse Blues by The Doors. So I was ripping off Jim Morrison writing this shit and I call them songs because I took the rhythm from a song and I made it rhyme. What's with people wanting poems to rhyme? I don't care for rhyming that much, it just seems childish if it's not done properly and if it's not a song. So when I don't use rhyme they say 'it's not a poem 'cause it don't rhyme.'
I left the pad of paper in work, but I might bring it home and write them on here, but they are shite. You can just tell how forced it was. And it gets me thinking, how do I write? Or what do I write? I thought I was good back in Uni, but now I don't know. Whatever, I need to concentrate on my short stories, which I might put on here.

Another thing, while I was going to work the other day I saw two joggers. Now this is like 6 in the morning. I mean, that's commitment. Maybe if I could commit to work like that. Work as in writing.

I got an email from Uni, says they still have my MA application and I'll find out if I got in or not in the New Year. I'd sent them an email because I was worried they'd lost my application since I'd sent it in the Summer and then was told the course won't start til 2009. But I hope I get in. If not, I've gotta leave this place. That place in JMU is the only anchor I've here right now. I think.

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