Monday, 26 July 2010

Old Experimental Poem I Found

Conversations Overheard on a Train 17th April 2008

I wanna eat or suh 'un,
I'm gettin' paranoid now,
What time d'ya reckon
We'll get 'ome?

It was dead good
When I was werkin' on it,
I'm gonna get off the station at 'ome
Like Crosby or suh 'un.

If you get off at Aintree station
You can cross over and get the bus.

You know, er, signs –
It's twenty-past
No hasn't gone yet –

Don't notice it, do yeh,
When you're on the road,
Signs, you don't see 'em.

He had the most perfect bird whistle,
He's like a kid and he's twenty-two.

I had like four sugars,
Surprised I could wake up this morning.

Are we here?
The next one.

A replacement bus service is in operation.

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