Sunday, 25 July 2010

Object of Dreams Mag - Haikus

I updated the blog because it was old and worthless. It still is, but it's much better to look at, like me in 50 years time.

I've been writing freelance for a small magazine called Object of Dreams Magazine, which is an arts, music, fashion and culture mag aimed at people around Liverpool. So I took it upon myself to call myself a Freelance Music Journalist, even tho I've written 2 small reviews for some bands and the magazine is only up to issue 2. Still, It's about getting yr name out there, regardless of money, and while I'm working my name into the arts scene, I'll be getting my actual writing out there.

Here's my review of the band Misery Guts: and further down is the review of Dirty Tricks, which appeared in the actual print version of the mag.

Also, click here to see the actual print version of the magazine, and my small, edited review of Dirty Tricks on page 34.

To listen to Dirty Tricks click here
To listen to Misery Guts click here

Haikus I wrote last night:

The sound of yr voice
Is like heavy rain on me
It feels very wet.


Seagull on chimney
Sun burns thru clouds like fire
It stays 'til it goes.

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