Monday, 3 May 2010

Free Hire in Reverse

This room when I touch it keeps its fire
As they speak from tongue-coloured mouths
And over my arms I hung her,
Bit down the way a dog chews a bone,
And moves smouldering hands up to smouldering face
Forces a sentence of laughter and spit –

Girl stands behind gleaming red throws
Arms against black woven sky
Armed with thick stolen lips
Drags upon ghost when I touch
Feels like a million people vanish
And forces thousands of heart attacks

Face of lead or the angry smile of the girl you love
A rat painted on the wall
Stands like devils on our backs
With that hot soap smell
The skin of my hand the colour
Of the skin on her belly

Feels miserable I imagine lying on the floor
And her eyes in her head still
On me like my own eyes on me
And between me and the window
Sits next to me, chin in hand
I cannot be here at this place need to leave

But refuses with perfected laughter
Higher up in my chair pushes people away
And the man speaks to the lady
And she replies with less anger
And when she looks at him
I see her eyes and nothing else

Lying down forever in the foetus-shapes
In front of her – regressed to lies and insults –
Looks at my hand arms reach out to her and
Nothing but air in fist-shaped room
And she talks to me all night
And then she talks to me all night.

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