Monday, 10 May 2010

In the Event of Kidnap

In the event of kidnap
The air solidifies and cracks
Gets boils on their backs
Stares at stars til they turn black
Revolves around moon, hits with a smack
Against its face –

In the event of theft
The diamond-hard head shines and breaks
Moves with clarity and knows what it takes
Lets eyes open til it wakes
And sees a hand move and breaks
Against its face –

In the event of freud
The paperwork done and posted
And the fear in which is hosted
For so much money to be boasted
And glasses lifted and toasted
Against its face –

In the event of murder
The drunken leans forward to smell
The evil rising and swell
And knowing he's going straight to hell
And the buried one is going as well
– It's written against his face.

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