Sunday, 18 April 2010

Untitled Poem 18/4/10

Betray me please why
Should I stay?
I enter the cold to follow
And I follow your mouth
Out calling to follow
So short the soft ache
Is beautiful.

What happened to that girl?
She got married, didn't she –
And I died,
I got married myself,
And I lied.

I yell into the grass
Where I lay,
And I bite you hard on the arm–
What's that noise?
It's you, it's you
Being eaten alive by the world.

Fever-hot burning a tongue
And throats she came
Along the road carrying
Two bags & and ancient earring

Then butterflies who scream at
Spiders who scream at
Each other –
The mysterious clock
Is an old woman banging.

She only believes I
Can protect her. This is good
For her.

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