Wednesday, 7 April 2010

German songs - Til Lindemann

Eins für mich
Eins für dich
Gibt es nicht Für mich

Ich bin so verliebt
Ich bin in mich verliebt

*Translates from the German:

One for me
One for you
Does not exist for me

I am so in love
I fell for myself

This is taken from Til Lindemann, otherwise known as the singer of German Industrial Rock band Rammstein. He is a poet himself, and his songs translated to English are actually quite amazing. I like that heavy metal music anyway, but it's hard to recognise poetry like that with the type of music Rammstein make. Which is what, I suppose, Lindemann intended.

That excerpt was taken from Zwitter, which is translated as Hermaphrodite. The word Zweigeschlecht appears, too, in the song, to describe the self as one, rather than the actual noun. But the weird subject is so interesting, it talks about a man and a woman becoming one, and therefore falling in love with one's self, as his lover is now a part of him.

I'm just interested in languages, I guess. But when you get poems with such weird and original images as that, that's when you've created something.

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