Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Visions Take Me Slowly

Picture scene:
Rocking forth of complete talk on the mantle,
Day-green, its madness bolted to the floor -
Bolted stillness, well she doesn't talk anymore.

Another scene:
A bathroom with acidic stench
Of bile and salt booming music thru floor -
Sitting down on toilet vomit thru mouth and nose,
Hot terrible sick burning the brain and tongue and mouth roof,
Searching thru madness for a swallowed golden tooth.

Over the sand very smooth very quietly
Our feet glide mushroom cloud cool breath
Of cold plants, the shadow slides inwards,
I am turning silver; I am drained outwards;

When naked dreams are talking to me,
"Why don't you talk to me?" my dad screams,
I am become my own vision,
Inside the bronze sculpture is one of stopped,
Incomplete, the chiselled soldier and odd meat,
Now enter this world, universe of slow numbers
Moves your rook.

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