Friday, 23 January 2009

Hate Writing - Citizen Kane - Bed Bus

I just don't feel like writing anymore - written like one line all week. If writing is my enemy then I feel better away from it. I seem to be writing in small bursts, I can't do it normally, if I write it has to be a proper piece. A great poem or story. Otherwise I hate it. I'm such a lazy writer, don't even know if I'm improving anymore. I should just keep what I've got, I mean Rimbaud gave up at around age 19. I'm just sayin'.

All I've been doing is watching films. Citizen Kane and Donnie Brasco recently. My music has gone towards The Velvet Underground.

Going to quit my job if I get this new job. It's hard to quit in a recession (some smart arse on tv says its now officially a recession), but a few of us got formal warnings for a number of things we've done and not done - being late, shirt untucked, name badge missing, talking and messing about. Don't get paid enough to be spoken to like a child.

Going to get writing over the weekend - even if it does seem pointless where I am right now. Here the note I wrote down yesterday I think it was: "Angel eyes I'll refuse to pray, so you cannot damn me anymore."

Had a dream last night that my bed was a bus. I was getting driven around Preston and I was avoiding the people I knew in uni. Then I was being driven around the streets at home, and I jumped off near my street. I think it cost me £1, which is cheaper than the normal bus.

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Adalia said...

"Angel eyes I'll refuse to pray, so you cannot damn me anymore"? That's really good, Michael. You should see where you can go with it.