Monday, 19 January 2009

A Fever - And Frank Turner Gig

My temperature is burning the paint off the walls. I'm not too well and this fever is making my heart go fast. Funny that I went into work this morning, felt myself getting dizzy as I walked around, but I laughed it off. Drinking Lemsip or Beechams and it stings my lips, and there's something on the inside of the cup.

Saw Frank Turner on saturday, and it was probably the best gig I've been to (maybe after the Dylan gig back in 2007). Me and my friend got really drunk. We shouted our heads off (which ruined my voice the next day). Frank was talking with the audience and starts talking about a bar he played in in Liverpool, and my friend shouts "Slaters!" (Meaning Slaters' bar) And that was funny. But then my friend looks at me and goes, "No I think he meant Hannah's bar." So it finished and we had some more drinks, and I wanted my coat back because it cost £50 and it was in the cloakroom for £1. We left and went to Korova, which was shit on Saturday and ended up back were we started. It was just about having a laugh with funny conversations with him and when we decided to leave, walking down the road, some racist starts talking to us. We're just going "yeah, is that so, mate?" until he leaves us alone.
We got the bus home. We had this conversation about music and musicians, and the music of 'now.' I mean everyone knows the great musicans and bands of the past, like The Beatles and Bob Dylan, but people now, like Frank Turner, are the musicans we're experiencing now. And when it gets to 30 40 years in the future, we'll look back and say were a part of that.

So I've been hungover and sick since then, but it was worth it. Anyway, I've been worse than this at uni. I wrote this short story the other day, but it doesn't make sense, but I think for me it's just practising my style.


Adalia said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!

Sorry you don't feel good. If it helps any, neither do I - hence the attention payed to Blog Land. Nothing else to do here, 'cept play games and blog.

Feel better!


Adalia said...

Thanks for the idea on "Fearful"! Went in and changed the ending.

It's meant to be read in quick bursts, as if the narrator is a bit frantic, so that's good!


Luis Blasini said...

Semms like a worldwide epidemic - then again it's the season. Been under the weather myself. (cough) Hungover and with flu - bad combo, amigo. But, least you have the gumption to go out - I just lay in bed and wail at bare walls while reading Charles Burkowski's 'Ham on Rye'. Shot of tequila and lime, I am repeatedly told as a remedy. My answer is usually, "Shaddap" (sniff hack cough.)