Saturday, 20 November 2010

Poetry Reading and Starting a Magazine

I've been asked to read out a poem next Wednesday following a prize giving for a poetry prize I didn't win, so it was good of them to let me read out, though I'm terrified at the thought of reading in front of people, I get stage fright easily, but I think I've gained some confidence in my writing recently. The main problem, other than panic (which I haven't been doing) is deciding what to read. Most of my poems aren't really good enough to be read aloud, though some of my new ones are, yet I don't really trust those news ones as much as I trust the older ones, which I grow tired of. I got it down to Three Men With Suitcases, Explosion #1 and #2, and Modern Life, the latter a much older one. Though today I've decided I could do Streets in Liverpool (title to be changed) and I'm in the middle of editing it so it's much more audible. I shall post the final edit.

What I find annoying going through my poems like this is that I'm looking through the ones I thought were my best and I'm thinking "Hmm, no, that's not good enough," and so I know I need to write a lot of new poetry and stop relying on a bunch of old ones I wrote one or two years ago.

I was told by my tutor, after having trouble defining myself to a genre, to start a magazine. I'm going to get my friends involved and first have an online magazine and gain content without really any set issue, then I'll do a print version and publish content received. The problem is, I don't really know how to go about doing it.


Cole said...

Interesting idea Mike, the magazine. I too have been going over my poems from the beginning and then it starts, the "what was I thinking?", "Is this really good?", " I really need to write better". Then I get bummed that I haven't advanced in my writing ability. But you know the feeling is temporary and I write again and I take what I have written up to this point and use it as a means to empower myself, at least I wrote what I wanted to, no matter what.

So good luck with going through your work and best of luck reading in front of everyone. You can do it!

MH said...

Thanks! Yeah, it's annoying when you think that they're very good, but then it helps to edit and fix them up since you'll be seeing them with a different mind a few months after writing them.

I've been writing my novel, and being preoccupied with that, I've not been able to do anything new with my poems or short stories.

I think I'll read out the Explosion #2 poem. :)