Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Explosion #1 and #2

Explosion #1

This blackness first, through a window –
No stars the explosion
Hum-vibration through my body
Earthquakes the bedroom
Like we would do if we were in bed –

If we rummaged here in the bedroom,
We from earthquakes –
Because we are tectonic plates –
We would feel the explosion,
As black smoke blacks out the black sky,
A red to the left of the window
Embers like fireflies dance in the moonlight,
And you'd say: 'my heart is beating really fast in my chest.'

Explosion #2

Black night had wrapped its fingers round your neck,
Almost beside me, the fire burns outside,
Stockings now boil in a teapot
Beside an old, frail towel-hook,
In the shape of a clawed hand –
We are rustling like leaves in the dark,
Only as eyes and the occasional tooth-shine,
Or a golden onlay, broken on one side –
I imagine you: “Don't be so pregnant,”
Which then swells and bursts, or explodes,
And your other-side saying: “I'm getting married,”
As your heart beats in your chest
That is the same sound, or throbbing feeling,
In my neck or throat –
A woman, whose terrible blonde hair,
Is taken away for the embers of the exploded
Car outside, that rumbles us in shifting earthquakes –
Crossed in the air, Hail Mary full of Grace,
It was written all over your face,
A red to the left of the window,
Your heart was beating really fast.

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