Friday, 7 August 2009


Raging Raging
Black fury burning
A fight;
I had arguments,
I had viewpoint from
Rooftop -
Oh, such beautiful anger,

Begin to drink
Than think;
Unable to eat -
Punch wall and break fist;
I wait for ladies
To atack me,
With thoughts of babies, stealers of toes -
Oh, such gorgeous anger,

Dying, burning,
Reeking of old energy
Fuming pores to ooze hot sweat
And veins like tunnels
Of lava;
No perfect silver limbo,
I am the rabbit-man,
Oh, such electric anger,

I burn inside-out
Upside I am fierce
I snarl and bare all
Whiskers flaring up and
I steal beauty
Oh, such perfect anger!

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