Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Saoirse - and Are We War Mongering?

It's St. Patrick's Day. I'm not going out, unfortunately, couldn't find anyone going out on short notice, because I'd forgot with being hungover all weekend. Anyway, on the train home I found an Irish Republican newspaper (strangely, it was from december), that must have been left by some Irish guy coming to the city for Paddy's Day. I was reading it and it was quite interesting. It has a mixture of propaganda and anger fuelled at both the British and the Northern Irish. I kept the paper, keeping no sides, but knowing it is interesting that the British rule on Irish soil, and Irish Republicans hate this and also hate the other Irish for accepting it. I have a friend from Northern Ireland, but I can't remember his political views. He's a film maker, I'd like to see him make some sort of film on the subject.
You get confused about whose who. Dropping bombs as a method of protest is disgraceful; also using bombs to try and force whoever out of the country. I mean, songs from the 80's and 90's seem relevent now - one I can think of is 'Zombie' by The Cranberries, an Irish band speaking out against the bombing. "What's in your head, Zombie?"
With war still going on and no one listening to anyone, it's hard to get any kind of point across. People turn against Muslims, and Muslims don't listen anyway. There was a recent protest in London, I think it was, and British Muslims protested against the war by protesting soldiers coming home. Bad idea. Now, I'm against war, but I think you should never target a soldier as means of protest against war. It's like shooting the messenger. They're doing a job. I have a friend who is a soldier, and it was like he was defensive in case his job was insulted. Anyway, why is a soldier a killer and a politian isn't?
I keep hearing things like 'it's the sign of things to come.' That sounds apocalyptically bad. People are prophesising their own generation's tragedy. It sounds like the blacks in the 60's when racism was a social norm, and they had to revolt themselves to be recognised as human beings.

Are we going backwards as a species, or what? It just feels like our society is folding in on itself. Time slows down and we go back to how it was back then. The 20th Century had many terrible instances, I can't help but foresee more in this Century.

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