Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Poem 24/3

The world sees me as a Waterloo Sunset
Sun is shinin, Boyo, summer is on its way;
The world is shining like a bomb-flash –
Bad flesh shining the world is on its way

Outside the world is speaking to me,
Bright glory days ahead of time,
The world says it’s going to murder me
That will be justice for my crime

And punishment are like Oedipus the Everyman
Fighting for what he knows could be wrong,
And all of the sexless patients
Are even writing up their own songs

All mistakes on Earth are all down to me,
Pulsating bacon of desire,
And humanoid satanic robots
Sleeping with blood in their wires,

We missed Heaven and land on Mars,
Or Eris, or whatever is left;
The sunset babies from 5 hours ago
Now a bomb-track with no breath

**Wrote this in about 20-30 minutes, haven't changed much of it, so like most of my poems, it is a rough draft still. Used a small bit of notes, such as "All mistakes on Earth are down to me," and "Pulsating bacon of desire," "Oedipud the Everyman," and "Missed Heaven wen to mars - or eris." The title was the last note left over.
Also, a list of songs written down as answers to questions, (sort of an exercise). I got Q: 'How does the world see you?' A: Waterloo Sunset - the Kinks. And Q: 'What do my friends think of me?' A: Bombtrack - Rage Against The Machine.
Because I was rhymimg, I was using words again, and changing them slightly, like Bomb-track and bomb-flash. Turned into a song, surreal images of nihilist world with a little sci-fi at the end.

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