Sunday, 28 October 2012

Experimental Writing

She is the police of my thoughts.

She is wrapped around me like a penicillin snake.

My elastic arms and legs stretch out
to her and then she is over me
Eyes like stones, frog-coloured at hers.

She strangles me like snakes.

I'm reptilian in the air.

My wind-pipe closed up
I float up high and touch
her with my sky.

She is the moon
I am the floor.

Because beautiful eyes can't see straight
It looks past me.

In thoughts of her like woman-wrote thoughts.

My head heats up, all right temperature
of the sun.

My watch melts into me,
The touch of my belly,
Because I left you alone,
For that I am sorry.

Too many faces in the wall
White-shadowed. Embryonic memories
build her.

Two-thousand movements
an eternity later.

She connects to me
like a common Shiva.


Hold still while I describe you.

Come into my arms,

I am sleeves.

Hold still while I disappear.

My devils are dry this evening.

Perhaps I will go out. Drink.
More motions. Get pissed-off.
Find a small fortune of miseries.

The cold of orange darkness. Evening.
Coffee. Because the sky is blue.
I mean black, right now.


When I wrote these things I was listening to The Beatles' Abbey Road, especially Because which was a cool song to listen to like that. I read some poetry by Ted Berrigan for some reason here:

I watched some videos on YouTube as well. I watched this video on the brain being either a separate entity from the body or you are the brain or you are everything of your body. The longest living cell, I think, are the skin cells, which live for some time even when the rest of the body has died. It's on this channel called Vsauce,

Also, this video which explained how difficult the idea of diciding by 0 is. Because if you do 1 divided by 0 = infinity, then 2 divided by 0 must = infinity, therefore 1 is equal to 2. Pretty strange. this is on a channel called Numberphile,

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