Monday, 20 June 2011

Untitled Poem 19/6

Motionless and absent in prophetic bedrooms,
Lost in a dusk of extraordinary delight,
Terrified of sexual euphemisms and celebrer,
Forced to be advertised to;

Chained to our bodies to the ground to our jobs,
Working for hours or a lifetime of devilish misery,
Stuck under a heavy moon, fat and pregnant with
The child of your discontent;

Big eyes suffering in the head of huge god-like babies;

Black cabs grabbed with thick fists in the dead of night,
Sitting with women of wonderful mystery,
Ending up at the doorways of your unachievable love,
Turning around and around, broke down, crying wild
Intoxicated on whiskey and ecstasy from glass bottles
Pressed to the lips of Jehovah;

Nymphs in light of earthly streetlight shining orange flame skeletons
Sent a spark of light into their veins
And set their backs alight until they orgasmed in putrid fantasy
Of false hallucinations of this world and the next and the next;

These so-called beings forever each night
Crucified their fathers in mass executions
On every street corner under the light of your soul;
Who now become as holy as Almighty God in his underwear
Praying for forgiveness and more forgiveness and more
Until the heavenly is addicted and the
Holy angel in my head is released into the swampy mists of mystic night
And glows angelically through Satanic crowds and heartless beast,
And moves and moves forever without a beat,
And moves until its feet begin to bleed
And moves until its skin is sore with cold and death
And moves while wishing for peace and more peace
When in reality, motionless
Absent – and away from human skin
Flapping like flags, forever moving and burning and moving and moving

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