Friday, 19 March 2010

Fur Elise - Les Tourtre

I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap, not feeling the radiated warmth because the window is open and I'm bare-footed. My stomach feels heavy from the pill I took a while ago, I think I'm anemic and de-hydrated. I should cut down on the caffine. I'm listening to Vanilla Fudge, I love the psychadelic rock music - as well as loving most types of music. I feel a bit sick. I'll be out tonight to see a band called Dirty Tricks, the guitarist is my friends' brother, and I suppose I'll end up really drunk again. Fur Elise has come on. Vanilla Fudge's take on Beethoven. I went last week and I was so out of it, I used the girls toilets and got lost and got my friends drink order wrong twice. It was funny though.

Sunshine of your Love comes on, I think it's Cream but my laptop says it's still Vanilla Fudge. Doesn't sound like a cover. I'm writing a story called The pigeons (Les Tourtre), which I'm going to submit to uni next week to be workshopped. Don't know how they'll take it. It has a French character. I might post it on here soon.

I think it is VF doing a cover of Cream. I put my glasses on, I'm supposed to wear them for reading but I never do. I've started wearing my glasses to read Ulysses. It's killing me. I love it, though. I'm still feelin a bit sick, but I'm hungry too. I don't eat very well, must be why I get like this. I wrote a poem in about a minute. It'sm rubbish, but it's something. Inspired by what I can remember from Ted Berrigan.

Waited 3 days
Took a pill
Caffine ran thru me
Spirit of things
Ran thru me;
Next day
Feelin' sick,
Eats sugar and
Drinks coffee,
Takes no more pills -
I see into future,
I am either drunk
Or writing poems.

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